Revolutionary AI Food SCanner

What we can do with nuvi scanner  

Recognize food by AI
Reduce the food waste
Costomer preference
Personal healthcare

Food Type & Amount Recognition System with AI

Nuvilab artificial intelligence can measure the type and amount of food in real time by contactless. Not only well prepared food but also leftovers can be measured. Since there is no limit to the types of food that can be recognized and less environmental constraint, Nuvi scanner can be used in various places. It is a technology applicable to all places where food is consumed, including restaurants, kitchens, restaurants, homes and hospitals

We Create Special Value by Measuring the Amount of Leftover

We can encourage users to leave no leftover by giving feedback on eating habits. Just by informing the habit of leaving leftover, it is effective to reduce the leftover by 50 percent. The restaurant operator can find out the satisfaction level of the meal through the analysis of intake and leftover amount, optimize menu composition, develop new menu, and analyze consumption trend.