Smart Cafeteria Solution 

Optimize the cafeteria system based on AI and Big Data

Instead of making decisions based on experience, use objective data.
With NUVI lab’s scanning technology,  you can easily check the served amount, consumed amount and left amount.

H e a l t h c a r e  s o l u t i o n

We provide nutrition managing solutions by 
analyzing individual eating habits.

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E c o  c a f e t e r i a  s o l u t i o n

We improve the quality of cafeteria meals 
and optimize menus by analyzing the intake status.

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S m a r t  C a f e t e r i a
Recommended to you by NUVI lab for your health and the environment

Save expenses through optimization

You can save expenses for ingredient and food disposal by reducing food waste by up to 50% through data.

Increase meal satisfaction and credibility 

You can improve the quality of your food with the saved expenses and the analyzed data of preferred/non-preferred food and nutritional intake.

Analyze eating habits

We provide health guidelines after analyzing individual nutrition status, taste and meal time.

a n d   m o r e


Automation of food ordering and bill payment

Health care for executives and staff members, connection to healthcare insurance

Improvement of restaurant menu and automation of ingredient order

Manage hospitalized patients

Manage diet of Senior’s hotel and care center

Analyze various kinds of health research data

Recommend and develop customized dietary supplements and vitamins

P   r   o   c   e   s   s


P   a   r   t   n   e   r

Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education


Ministry of National Defense